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Enable Data Access

To enable the Data Access feature, you need a Google Cloud account. Zenoss Operations creates a Zenoss-owned, Google Cloud project dedicated to you, in the same Google Cloud region as your Zenoss Cloud instance. The project includes BigQuery datasets that contain views of your data. Then, Zenoss Support grants read permission to the datasets to one or more of your Google Cloud account resources.


Google charges you for querying the Data Access data store.

Once enabled, Zenoss starts retaining your data for the period specified in your Zenoss Cloud contract. Currently, the retention period options are 3 months and 15 months. Of course, you can easily export your data to your own data store and retain it there as long as you wish.

Select Google Cloud account resources

You can request read permission to the datasets in your dedicated Google Cloud project for one or more of the Google Cloud account resources described in the following table.

Resource Grants access to Notes
Google account email An individual Google account Could be the best option when only one or two people are running reports
Google Group All members of a Google group Simplifies administration when a rotating group of people need access
Google Apps Domain All users and groups in a Google domain Simplifies administration when a rotating group of people need access
Service account An individual service account Automated integrations through external tools may require service accounts

Verify project access

Verify access to your dedicated Google Cloud project.

  1. Open Google BigQuery.

  2. Click ADD DATA, and then Pin a project > Search for project.

  3. Search for zcloud.

  4. Select the result.

  5. In the bottom-right corner, click OPEN.