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Enable Data Access

To enable the Data Access feature, you create a Google Cloud project in the same Google Cloud region as your Zenoss Cloud instance. Then, in our Google Cloud project dedicated to you, Zenoss Operations assigns the BigQuery Data Viewer role to account resources in your Google Cloud project. Our project includes BigQuery datasets that contain views of your data and your project performs queries against the views in our project.


Google charges your project to query the views in our project.

Select Google Cloud account resources

Data Access supports the following Google Cloud account resources.

Resource Enables
Google Group All members of a Google group
Google Apps Domain All users and groups in a Google domain
Service account An individual service account

For interactive use, select a Group or Apps Domain resource. Programs and automated integrations may require service accounts. In all cases, you assign the BigQuery User role to your account resources in your Google Cloud project.


For optimal security, Zenoss does not support individual Google accounts.

Verify project access

Verify access to your dedicated Google Cloud project.

  1. Open Google BigQuery.

  2. Click ADD DATA, and then Pin a project > Search for project.

  3. Search for zcloud.

  4. Select the result.

  5. In the bottom-right corner, click OPEN.