Event Count tile


The Event Count tile is deprecated. Please use the Event List + Count tile instead.

The Event Count tile displays a doughnut chart representing the severities of events reported against entities in the dashboard's scope.

  • Each shaded area of the doughnut represents a different event severity level.

  • The number in the center of the doughnut is the total count of unique events during the current time range. The default is to show the deduplicated count of events, which you can change to the raw count of event instances.

When you move your pointer over the chart, a tooltip shows the totals for each event type.

You can specify event fields to filter events in the dashboard's scope.

  • Events are included in the total count when all specified fields match.

    For example, if you specify the production state, priority level, and event status fields, events that match all the fields are included, and all other events are excluded.

  • Several fields have multiple options; a field matches when any of the specified options match.

    For example, if you specify the Production, Test, and Decommissioned production states, events that match any one of those states are included in the total count.

The event fields are generated by the event processing service of a Collection Zone. When no event fields are specified to filter events, the tile includes all events of the specified severities.

Example tile

Tile configuration options

Tile title
The text that appears in the upper-left corner of a tile.

One or more comparisons that select events to include in a tile. Events that do not match all comparisons are excluded.

You can specify the following fields in comparisons. If you specify the same field multiple times, the field values are combined.

Field Description
Status One ore more event statuses (Open, Suppressed, or Closed.
Severity One or more event severity levels (Critical, Error, Warning, or Info).
Summary Text included in an event summary.
Entity name The name of an entity associated with an event.
Name The name of an event.
Event Class The name of a class associated with a event. Class names can be associated with an event at creation and during a subsequent mapping.
Source The instance identifier of a source type; for example, cz0.
CZ Production State A Collection Zone production state name, one of Production, PreProduction, Test, Maintenance, or Decommissioned.
CZ Location The name of the Collection Zone Locations organizer to which an entity associated with an event belongs.
CZ Groups The name of the Collection Zone Groups organizer to which an entity associated with an event belongs.
CZ Systems The name of the Collection Zone Systems organizer to which an entity associated with an event belongs.
CZ Priority The Collection Zone device priority associated with an event, one of Highest, High, Normal, Low, Lowest, or Trivial.
CZ Device Class The Collection Zone device class associated with an event.
CZ Incident Include or exclude events that have been opened as incidents in an external workflow system. This field is only relevant if your Collection Zone includes the Incident Management Integration Service ZenPack.
Raw events
A toggle that determines whether the tile displays the total count of event instances (the raw count) or the deduplicated count of events. The default is the deduplicated count.