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Single Metric tile


In September 2020, the Single Metric tile was removed from the AVAILABLE TILES palette. Existing Single Metric tiles will continue to work, of course. Please transition to the Graph tile at your earliest convenience.

The Single Metric tile displays a visualization of the data points of one metric from one entity. You can select an entity outside of the dashboard's scope.

Example tile

Tile configuration options

Tile title
The text that appears in the upper-left corner of the tile. The default title is the name of the tile.
Chart type
The type of visualization to use for the indicator. Options include line chart, stacked area chart, bar chart, and scatter plot.

This field is a button and a label. To select an entity and metric, click the field, which opens the FIND METRIC dialog.

In the dialog, enter text to find an entity, then select one of the entity's metrics from the list below the entity name.

Chart label
(Optional) The text to display below the visualization.
The color to use in the visualization you select.