About the dictionary service

The dictionary service provides more readable or compact alternatives to computer-generated metric and event field names, as well as other supplemental information. Dictionary entries enhance the usability of Zenoss Cloud wherever metric and event information is displayed.

  • Metric entries are used in series graphs, which appear in in Smart View pages, dashboard tiles, and many other pages.

  • Event field entries are used in events consoles, dashboard tiles, and Smart View pages.

Zenoss Cloud looks for dictionary entries by default—you do not have to do anything to enjoy its benefits.

However, you may have custom metric or event sources that are not included in the default dictionary, or you may wish to customize the default information. Any user can edit a dictionary entry on a dashboard or Smart View page. Users with the Manager role can add and manage entries on the dictionary administration page.

Default and effective entries

Initially, the default entry for a metric or event field is your organization's effective entry. When you customize a default entry, your customized entry becomes the effective entry. Likewise, when you create a new entry for a metric or event field that has no default, your new entry becomes the effective entry for your organization.

You can revert your customization of an entry to the Zenoss default at any time and update your unique entries at any time, too.