How to manage dictionary entries

Users with the Manager role can manage dictionary entries from the ADMIN > Dictionary page. The dictionary page displays entries in a table.

  • To configure the rows per page and navigate the pages, use the controls on the bottom-right side of the page:

  • To filter entries, enter search terms at the top of a column:

  • To filter entries globally, select the types of entries to display:

    Overridden entries include definitions you create, whether a Zenoss default exists or not.

  • To edit an entry, click the pencil icon in the Actions column.

  • To download the contents of your effective dictionary, select a format from the export menu.

    The download includes everything in the dictionary, regardless of filter settings.

  • When a dictionary entry includes both a Zenoss default definition and a customized definition, the row includes a control on the far left side.

    Click the control to display the customized definition and the Zenoss default definition side-by-side.

    In addition, the Actions column includes a trash can icon, for removing the customized definition and reverting to the Zenoss default.