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Set up a Microsoft 365 application connector

Perform the following steps to set up a Microsoft 365 application connector.

  1. Log in to Zenoss Cloud as a user with the Manager role, and then open the ADMIN > Connectors page.

  2. In the Microsoft 365 apps area, click ADD on an app card.

    The dialog has unique labels for each Microsoft 365 application.

  3. In the Microsoft <App> details area, add general information about your application.

    1. In the Microsoft <App> Name field, enter a unique name for your application connector.

      The name you choose is used as the source name for the data Zenoss Cloud collects.

    2. (Optional) In the Description field, enter text to associate with your Microsoft 365 instance.

    3. Leave the Connector type field unchanged.

    4. (Optional) In the Tags field, enter one or more terms to associate with your Microsoft 365 instance.

  4. In the Microsoft <App> configurations area, add connection information.

    1. In the the Microsoft Tenant ID field, enter the tenant ID from the Essentials area on the home page of your Microsoft 365 app registration.

    2. From the Credential list, select an existing credential or create a new one.

      When you choose Create new credential, the dialog box expands to include fields for creating a new credential for Microsoft 365.

      For more information about creating a new credential, see Add Microsoft 365 credentials.

  5. Click SAVE.

To view the metrics Zenoss Cloud collects, copy a template or create a new dashboard.