How to enable Zoom monitoring

Zenoss Cloud uses JSON Web Tokens to gain access to your Zoom environment. To enable monitoring, create a JWT app in Zoom.


The Zoom connector is in beta release and its features may change.

  1. Log in to Zenoss Cloud as a user with the Manager role, and then open the ADMIN > Connectors page.

  2. On the Zoom card, click ADD.

  3. In the ADD CONNECTOR dialog, configure your Microsoft 365 application.

    • In the Zoom Name field, enter a unique name for your application connector.

      The name you choose is used as the source name for the data Zenoss Cloud collects.

    • In the Description field, enter text to associate with your Zoom environment.

    • In the Zoom API Key field, enter the API key of your Zoom JWT app.

    • In the Zoom API Secret field, enter the API secret of your Zoom JWT app.

    • In the Tags field, enter one or more terms to associate with your Zoom environment.

  4. Click SAVE.

To view the metrics Zenoss Cloud collects, copy a template or create a new dashboard.