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How to use an alternate registry

The binaries of Zenoss agents are available in public images on Docker Hub. Use this procedure to download an agent's image from Docker Hub and then load it into the registry of your choosing.

  1. Log in to a workstation with internet access.

  2. Download the desired image from Docker Hub.

    docker pull zenoss/gostatsd:1.0.0
    docker pull zenoss/zenoss-agent-kubernetes:1.0.0
  3. Create an archive file of the image.

    docker save zenoss/gostatsd:1.0.0 -o zenoss-gostatsd-1.0.0.tar
    docker save zenoss/zenoss-agent-kubernetes:1.0.0 -o zenoss-agent-kubernetes-1.0.0.tar
  4. Copy the archive file to a workstation that has access to the target registry.

  5. Load the archive file into local storage.

    docker load zenoss-gostatsd-1.0.0.tar
    docker load zenoss-agent-kubernetes-1.0.0.tar
  6. Push the image to the target registry.

    docker push <RegistryHost>:<Port>/zenoss/gostatsd:1.0.0
    docker push <RegistryHost>:<Port>/zenoss/zenoss-agent-kubernetes:1.0.0