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About the policy service

The policy service provides centralized data and operations management through declarations rather than code.

  • Transform incoming data with ingest policies.

    Separate metadata from data in incoming metric data streams to create distinct entities and metrics, without writing customized ETL scripts. Or add metadata to event data streams, to categorize events or facilitate action service processing.

  • Identify entity types with entity policies.

    Provide a tag for instances of an entity type, or standardize metadata from different sources so that, for example, all Kubernetes clusters have the same tags and can be easily found.

  • Manage anomaly detection with anomaly policies.

    Add or subtract metrics from the list of metrics for which the anomaly detection service trains models.

A datasource associates an incoming stream of data with one or more policies. Policies are not used unless they are included in a datasource.

When to customize

You do not need to customize any of the default policies that Zenoss provides to monitor your environment. The defaults have been tested extensively in production and work as designed.

  • You may wish to customize an anomaly policy to add a metric to the anomaly detection service. You are welcome to do so at any time.

  • If you wish to integrate an application or add a new, custom datasource, please contact Zenoss Support to arrange assistance creating a custom ingest or entity policy.