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EMC Base

The following properties may or must be specified in the datasource configuration file to monitor Dell EMC VNX/VMAX devices.

Property Default Description
zWBEMPort 5989 The port at which your WBEM server is listening
zWBEMUsername (none) Your WBEM server account username
zWBEMPassword (none) Your WBEM server account password
zWBEMUseSSL true Encrypt communications with your WBEM server?
zWBEMRequestTimeout 290 The number of seconds to wait for your WBEM server to return all data
zWBEMMaxObjectCount 0 The maximum number of instances your WBEM server returns for each request (adjust if modeling never completes)
zWBEMOperationTimeout 0 The number of seconds your WBEM server keeps an enumeration session open after completing a request

  title: My VNX
  device_class: /Storage/EMC/VNX
    zWBEMPort: 5991