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NetApp Monitor

The following properties may or must be specified in the datasource configuration file to monitor NetApp devices.

Property Default Description
zCommandUsername (none) Your NetApp Filer account username
zCommandPassword (none) Your NetApp Filer account password
zNetAppSSL true for 7-Mode, false for others Encrypt communications with your NetApp server?
zNetAppNumRecordsPerRequest 100 The number of records to get per request
zNetAppMonitoringInterval 300 The number of seconds to wait before sending a request for records
zNetAppOCUMHost (none) The IP address or FQDN of your OnCommand Unified Manager
zNetAppOCUMUser (none) Your OnCommand Unified Manager account username
zNetAppOCUMPassword (none) Your OnCommand Unified Manager account password
zNetAppOCUMEventFilter (see Event filter) The OnCommand Unified Manager events to get

Event filter

The following JSON object is the default value of the zNetAppOCUMEventFilter property. In the datasource file, the property must be delimited by single quote characters.

  "triggeredTime": "168",
  "limit": "0",
  "impactArea": [
  "impactLevel": [
  "eventSeverity": [

  title: My NetApp Filer
  device_class: /Storage/NetApp/C-Mode
    zNetAppSSL: true