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host-network-interface datasource

The host-network-interface datasource collects information about network interfaces from the operating system and creates metric data points, entities, and events.


Name Units Description
net.data_recv kbps The rate of bytes being received
net.data_sent Kbps The rate of bytes being sent
net.drop_in count Count of lost inbound packets
net.drop_out count Count of lost outbound packets
net.err_in count Count of inbound packet errors
net.err_out count Count of outbound packet errors
net.fifo_in octets Size of inbound FIFO buffer
net.fifo_out octets Size of outbound FIFO buffer
net.packets_recv count Count of received packets that always increases
net.packets_sent count Count of sent packets that always increases
net.rx_utilization percent Percent of utilized inbound capacity
net.tx_utilization percent Percent of utilized outbound capacity

Name styles

This datasource supports two mutually exclusive naming styles for the metrics it collects:

  • canonical — The default style, which features namespace prefixes.
  • linuxMonitorZenPack — The legacy style, used in the Linux Monitor ZenPack.

To change the default, set the metric-names-variant property in the datasource section to linuxMonitorZenPack.

Canonical style ZenPack style
net.data_recv intf_ifInOctets
net.data_sent intf_ifOutOctets
net.drop_in intf_ifInDropped
net.drop_out intf_ifOutDropped
net.err_in intf_ifInErrors
net.err_out intf_ifOutErrors
net.fifo_in intf_ifFifoIn
net.fifo_out intf_ifFifoOut
net.packets_sent intf_ifOutPackets
net.packets_recv intf_ifInPackets
net.rx_utilization intf_ifInUtilization
net.tx_utilization intf_ifOutUtilization


Property Description
name A network interface name
ifindex The unique number of an interface
ips A list IP addresses assigned to an interface
flags A list of symbols that represent the state and capabilities of an interface
macaddress The unique hardware address of an interface
mtu The maximum transmission unit an interface can transmit, in bytes
speed The maximum possible speed of an interface, in bytes


  "flags": [
  "ifindex": "2",
  "ips": [
  "macaddress": "00:00:00:87:08:00",
  "mtu": "1500",
  "name": "ens32",
  "speed": 1000000000


For normal changes, events are severity INFO; otherwise, they are severity WARNING.

Host Network Interface Operational Status_Event
An event is based on the value of "flags" property of Network Interface. Particularly, it seeks for "up" flag and it is not present, the datasource generates an error event.
Host Network Interface 75 percent receive utilization_event
The value of net.rx_utilization is greater than 75%.
Host Network Interface 75 percent transmit utilization_event
The value of net.tx_utilization is greater than 75%.


  "name": "Host Network Interface Operational Status_Event",
  "component": "ens32",
  "device": "ServerStation1",
  "source": "example_server_zdm_host",
  "eventClass": "/Status",
  "type": "Host Network Interface Operational Status_Event",
  "summary": "Host Network Interface 'ens32' is up.",
  "body": "Host Network Interface 'ens32' is up.",
  "severity": "SEVERITY_INFO",
  "status": "STATUS_CLOSED"


If you specify the host-network-interface datasource during installation, its configuration file is placed in the following location:


Otherwise, you must copy it from the templates directory:

cp /etc/zendatamon-configs/.templates/.configs/host-network-interface.config.yaml \

The Zenoss Data Monitor service monitors the /etc/zendatamon-configs/configs directory and loads any new or changed configuration files immediately.


interval (number)
The number of seconds to wait between collection attempts. This value overrides the defaultInterval value in the Zenoss Data Monitor service configuration file.
timeout (number)
The number of seconds to wait before dropping a collection attempt.
metric-names-variant (string, default = canonical)
The metric name style, either canonical or linuxMonitorZenPack.
protocol (string, default = local)
Collection type; only local is supported, so this key can be omitted.

A list of regular expressions identifying the names of interfaces not to collect.

  • All matching interfaces are excluded from collection.
  • If empty or omitted, all interfaces are collected.
use-sudo (boolean, default = false)
Whether to use sudo to run the head command.


apiVersion: v1
kind: datasource
name: host-network-interface
  type: host-network-interface
    interval: 60
    timeout: 30
    metric-names-variant: canonical
    protocol: ""
      - ens*
    use-sudo: false

ZenPack compatibility

For compatibility with the Linux Monitor ZenPack, use the action service to create a metric trigger or event trigger (and accompanying destination and rule) for net.rx_utilization or net.tx_utilization data points that are greater than 75%.