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DASHBOARD (Collection Zones)

The Collection Zone DASHBOARD tab displays status information about your environment, in the dashboard that is assigned to, or chosen by, the current user.


Your Collection Zone might not include the DASHBOARDS tab. If so, use the Zenoss Cloud dashboards feature instead.

A Collection Zone dashboard is a grid of portlets , which are customizable subwindows that are designed to display specific types of information. The number of columns in a Collection Zone dashboard grid can be customized, and portlets can be sized and arranged as desired within the grid. You can create multiple dashboards and share them with other Collection Zone users.

Portlets are available for a variety of internal and external information, including:

  • Collection Zone device events
  • Google Maps views integrated with information about your infrastructure
  • Collection Zone reports
  • External web pages

For more information about dashboards and portlets, see Collection Zone dashboards.