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Service Health tile

The Service Health tile displays the status of one or more dynamic services defined in Service Impact.

  • The text, coloring, and, optionally, shading represent the most recent availability and performance states.

  • A horizontal bar (optional) represents the history of Service Impact events during the current time range.

You can create a filter to select a subset of the dashboard's scope, and you can choose to display the availability state, the performance state, or both states.

When the tile is large enough, the tile includes a horizontal bar representing the current time range, with vertical lines in the bar representing Service Impact events during the range. When you click on a service name, Zenoss Cloud opens the service's home page in Service Impact.

You can use the ZenPackLib.ImpactService entity type in the dashboard scope editor to select dynamic service entities, if desired.

Example tile

Tile configuration options

Tile title
The text that appears in the upper-left corner of a tile.
Add Service
(Optional) One or more specific services to include in the tile (a subset of the dashboard's scope).
(Optional) The indicator type to include in the tile. The default is to show both Availability and Performance indicators.
A toggle that enables or disables colored shading in the Availability and Performance cells.