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2022 updates

Collection Zones are updated regularly; this page highlights the visible changes included in updates released in 2022.


At each update, databases, infrastructure services, or shared libraries are upgraded as required to improve stability and performance or eliminate vulnerabilities. Here is the current list of shared libraries available for use in ZenPacks.


This cosmetic update removes the deprecated label above the REPORTS tab in the Collection Zone header area. The related deprecation notice is unchanged.


This release includes the addition of deprecated labels above the DASHBOARD and REPORTS tabs in the Collection Zone header area. (If your Zenoss Cloud environment was created after April 1, 2021, your Collection Zones do not include the DASHBOARD tab.)

For more information, see our deprecation notices.

This update includes the following changes:

  • Collection Zones now support integration with CyberArk vaults. For more information, please contact your Zenoss representative.

  • The following embedded services are updated:

    • Solr is updated to version 8.11.1.
    • Log4j is updated to version 2.17.1.
    • Nginx is updated to version 1.21.6.
  • All users are now able to acknowledge and close events without errors.

  • Users with the ZenUser or ZenOperator roles and ZenManager access to specific Group/System/Location children are now able to manage the children.

  • The zencommand service no longer sends events with empty summaries when an SSH connection fails.

  • When a Collection Zone includes large numbers of Location organizers, all of the organizers are displayed.

  • When the Everyone can view box is marked in the LOCAL PERMISSIONS area, all users can see the configuration of a trigger or notification.

  • The All Monitored Components device report is removed.

Your Collection Zones will be updated during the third and fourth quarter of this year, starting this month.


This update includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • The Kubernetes ZenPack is updated to collect StatefulSet data and you can now specify the containers and pods to monitor by name. Also, clusters with the same application in different namespaces no longer have pod or container name conflicts.

  • Service Impact is updated to improve performance in large environments and to ensure that related events are displayed for Dynamic Service Availability events. Also, changes to Service Impact organizers are now properly reflected on Smart View pages.

  • Event filter settings now persist after navigating to other devices.

  • The zenmail service now handles addresses that include non-standard characters.

  • Stored and reflected XSS vulnerabilities are mitigated.

  • Timezone localization now handles daylight savings time and no longer affects maintenance windows.

Your Collection Zones will be updated during the first quarter of this year, starting this month.