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Network Topology

This report shows the layout of the network according to the routes that Collection Zone understands, starting from the collector and ending at the remote devices that are associated with the collector.

Troubleshooting this report

  • The report does not return data if the host on which the Collection Zone collector is running does not have a device created in the device management database (DMD) object that stores the basic model of the network in the Zope database (ZODB).

    To resolve this issue, create a device that represents the collector in the DMD, and then run the report again.

  • An invalid route entry (for example, Missing link here value in the Route column) indicates that Collection Zone cannot determine how to route from one device to another.

    To resolve this issue: 1. Add a network interface to the model (no new hardware is required). 2. Add a new route entry from the last device in the route to the device (the IP address shown at the far right of the table).

Report filtering settings

Select the collector on which to base the report. Connections from this collector to associated devices is shown in the report.
Show valid routes?
Select this check box to show valid connections between the selected collector and remote devices.
Show invalid routes?
Select this check box to show invalid connections between the selected collector and remote devices. An invalid route indicates that a route from the collector to the device could not be determined.

To generate or refresh the report, click Update.

Report contents

Column Content
Collector Name of the collector.
Route Route from the collector to the device.
Device IP Address IP address of the device.
Device Name Name of the device.
Repeat Repeat interval of the maintenance window.