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A summary of the network capacity of various host types in all domains. The graph shows the utilization for both Rx (receiving or incoming) and Tx (transmitting or outgoing) network traffic.

Report filtering

The following fields filter the results.

Start Date / End Date
The first and last dates of the range of dates to include in the report. To select a date from a calendar, click select. The default range is the week ending with the current date.
Host Type
The type of Host to display. Choose from ANY, HyperV, vSphere or other.
Summary Type
The type of summary that is to be displayed. Average is based on the 15-minute data collection, while Max is only taken once a day.
Domain Filter
A substring search of domains to include. A partial name matches all interface names that include it. You may also use a regular expression for this filter.
Traffic Type
Type of traffic to display. Choose from ANY, Tx or Rx.
Chassis Filter / FEX Filter / Blade Server Filter / Rack Server Filter / Cartride Server Filter
Select the item or items to include in the report. You can select multiple items with CTRL-click.
Trendline Type
The calculation used to determine the trendline. Only available selection is Linear.

To generate or refresh the report, click Update.

To generate a printable version of the report, click Printable, then use the print functionality on your browser.