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Entity types in scope filters

When you specify Collection Zone entities in a dashboard scope, you can filter based on entity type. The following lists identify the available entity types.

Component CPU CustomService Device
DeviceComponent Fan FileSystem HardDisk
Hardware HardwareComponent ImpactService IPInterface
IPRouteEntry IPService OSComponent OSProcess
PowerSupply Service WindowsService

Cluster ComputeResource Datacenter Datastore
DatastoreFolder DistributedVirtualPortgroup DistributedVirtualSwitch Endpoint
Folder HostFolder HostSystem LUN
Network NetworkFolder PNIC RDM
ResourcePool RootFolder Standalone VDisk
VirtualApp VirtualMachine VMFolder VMWareComponent

CIMCComponent CommonPort EthPort FanModule
LocalDisk MemoryArray NetworkAdapter StorageController
UCSDeviceComponent VirtualDrive VirtualNic