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The home page of the Service Impact feature is SERVICES > DYNAMIC SERVICES, which displays the health summaries of all dynamic services.

From the home page, you can choose the LOGICAL NODES or METATYPE CONFIGURATION tabs.

Tree view area

The tree view area displays service nodes and logical nodes in alphabetical order. You can create organizers and order them as you wish. To move service nodes and logical nodes into organizers, drag them into the tree view.

Tool Menu

Add Dynamic Service
Add Dynamic Service Organizer
Add Logical Node
Add Logical Node Organizer
(no menu)

(no menu) (no menu) (no menu)

View and Edit Details
Clone Service...
Export Selected
(no menu) Restore default settings

Primary view area

The content of the primary view area depends on which tab is selected, and for some tabs, which item is selected in the tree view area.

Tab Tree view selection Primary view contents
DYNAMIC SERVICES DYNAMIC SERVICES (the root organizer) The availability and performance health summaries of all services.
An organizer The availability and performance health summaries of the services that the organizer contains.
A dynamic service (service model) The Members of the selected service. From this view, select Impact Events or Impact View.
  • LOGICAL NODES (the root organizer)
  • An organizer
A blank logical node details view.
A logical node The details view of the selected logical node. No other views are associated with logical nodes.
METATYPE CONFIGURATION The list of ZenPacks with metatypes defined The components that can be excluded from all dynamic services that include the components.