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Zenoss API

The Zenoss API enables customized integrations with Zenoss Cloud services through a RESTful interface. The following services are supported:

All Zenoss API endpoints require HTTPS, expect JSON in the request body when a body is required, and return a JSON response.

You must have an authentication key to send requests to a Zenoss API endpoint. The key is sent in the zenoss-api-key header of each request. Note that the user management service requires a different type of key than all other services.

All API examples use curl to send a JSON request from a Bash shell to an endpoint. Also, all examples use YOUR-API-ENDPOINT and YOUR-API-KEY as placeholders for endpoints and authentication keys, respectively.

Zenoss API endpoints

Zenoss Cloud supports the Zenoss API endpoints in the following table.

Stack Endpoint
Production 1
Production 2
Production 2 (IPv6)
Production 3

If you are unsure which endpoint to use, please contact your Zenoss representative.


When you generate a new Zenoss API key, the dialog box displays your organization's endpoint.

gRPC methods for data receiver resources

For high-performance agents or integrations, the data receiver service also supports gRPC/Protobuf.