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Metric + Number tile

The Metric + Number tile displays an area chart of the data points of one metric, along with the metric's most recent data point in the current time range. The data points to include in the chart can be limited to one entity or can be an aggregation of all entities in the dashboard's scope. When an area chart is not necessary, you can configure the tile to display only the most recent data point.

The area chart in this tile uses the lowest data point from the current time range for the vertical axis minimum, rather than zero, to highlight the metric's trend and shape.

Example tiles

Tile configuration options

Tile title
The text that appears in the upper-left corner of a tile.

The search field for finding entity or metric names in the dashboard's scope. A metric must be specified; an entity is optional.

  • If a search term matches both entities and metrics, both are shown, in separate lists.
  • When no entity is specified, the data points of all entities in the dashboard's scope that use the specified metric are aggregated.
The arithmetic function to use to combine data points for the area chart, and to display as the number above the chart.
Show metric chart
A toggle; show or hide the area chart.
The color to use in the area chart.
(Optional) Fields for optimizing data point alignment, which are identical to the advanced options for the Graph tile.