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Event configuration settings

The properties on the Event Configuration page (ADVANCED > SETTINGS > Events) configure the event aging feature. These properties define the conditions under which Collection Zone changes the status of events to Aged. After the configured event archive interval, all Closed, Aged, and Cleared events are moved to the event archive.

  • Don't Age This Severity and Above - Options are Age All Events, Critical, Error, Warning, Info, Debug, and Clear. By default, this value is set to Error, meaning that all events with a status of Error or Critical are not aged.
  • Event Aging Threshold (minutes) - Set the time value, in minutes, that an event must reach before it is aged. By default, this is 240 minutes.
  • Event Archive Threshold (minutes) - Specify the number of minutes since a closed event was last seen before it is moved to the event archive. The minimum value is 1; the maximum value is 43200.
  • Default Syslog Priority - Specify the default severity level assigned to an event coming from zensyslog if no priority can be determined from the event.
  • Default Availability Report (days) - Enter the number of days to include in the automatically generated Availability Report. This report shows a graphical summary of availability and status.
  • Event Time Purge Interval (days) - The number of days that event occurrence time are kept. By default, they are kept for 7 days. The minimum value is 1 and the maximum value is determined by the range of event time partitions. With the default configuration, the maximum value is 7 days.
  • Enable Event Flapping Detection - Select this check box if you wish to enable event flapping detection. If an event is created and then cleared flapping_threshold times in event_flapping_interval time then an event of event flapping event class is created.
  • Event Flapping Event Class - The event class under which generated flapping events belong.