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Metric Outliers tile

The Metric Outliers tile provides a quick way to identify entities which have metric data points that exceed one or more thresholds.

This tile uses color-coded hexagons to represent entities and arranges entities in alphabetical order. You choose the metric to observe and the colors to associate with each threshold. Entities within the dashboard scope that collect the chosen metric are included in the tile.

  • When you hover over a hexagon, Zenoss Cloud displays the entity's name and its current value.
  • When you click a hexagon, Zenoss Cloud opens the entity's Smart View.

Example tile

Tile configuration options

Tile title
The text that appears in the upper-left corner of a tile.

The name of the metric to observe.

The field suggests metric names as you enter text. Select one from the list of names.

Target Percent
The percent of time (the dashboard's current time range) a metric's data points must meet the defined threshold or thresholds.
The text that appears immediately below the entity counts.

One or more boundary criteria and color choices for representing entity status, specified with the following fields:


The comparison operator for the threshold evaluation.

Boundary value The data point value to use in the comparison.

(Optional) Descriptive text for the threshold, used in the legend at the bottom of the tile.

The default label is the comparison operator and boundary value followed by the count of entities that satisfy the threshold, in parentheses.

Color The color to fill the hexagons of entities which have data points that satisfy the threshold.

Label format
The content to include in hover text.

Understanding threshold evaluation

Thresholds are evaluated in the order in which they appear in the tile configuration dialog box, and evaluation stops when a threshold's criteria are satisfied.

For example, consider an entity with a data point of 50 and the following threshold configuration:

While 50 exceeds both 10 and 30, evaluation stops at 10 and the entity's hexagon is filled with the Plum Lighter color.