2023 updates

The visible and not-so-visible parts of Zenoss Cloud are updated regularly; this page highlights the visible new features or enhancements released in 2023.

January 31

The Event Count and Event List tiles are deprecated. The Event List + Count tile provides equivalent or superior functionality. For more information, refer to the deprecation notice.

The user setting for the Events beta infrastructure is no longer relevant and is removed in this update.

January 26

The default dictionary entries supplied by Zenoss now include tags that identify the source of an event field or metric.

January 19

Inventory view results pages now include a control that displays or hides the query bar. The new default is to hide the query bar.

January 5

The Graph tile now includes an option to interpolate all data points in bar area and area charts. This option is useful when data points are not aggregated, use the same units, and have common timestamps.