2023 updates

The visible and not-so-visible parts of Zenoss Cloud are updated regularly; this page highlights the visible new features or enhancements released in 2023.

May 18

Zenoss Data Monitor is now generally available! The lightweight Linux and Windows agents enable modeling and monitoring without a Collection Zone and provide access to all of the great Zenoss Cloud tools like dashboards, Smart View, and the action service. If you already have a Zenoss Data Monitor agent installed, you don't have to re-install it to enjoy the benefits of this release.

May 4

The Data Access option now provides views of event occurrences and event metadata, and the metadata includes event field labels from the dictionary service.

April 27

You can now specify a rate or delta value when you create a threshold for a metric trigger.

April 25

With this update, filtering events in an events console with an event class is faster.

The connectors table (at ADMIN > Connectors) now includes a column displaying the dashboard associated with a connector, if any.

April 20

This update includes a pair of documentation updates.

  • For optimal performance, Zenoss recommends limiting dashboards to 4-6 tiles per page and 2 pages per dashboard. Likewise, Graph tiles perform better when each tile is limited to 2-3 metrics.

  • Descriptions of JSON and YAML fields are now underlined with a dotted line. When you move your mouse over a field, a popup displays the field's logical path in a file.

April 13

This update includes numerous dashboard memory optimizations, Now, you can open multiple dashboard pages in separate tabs without running out of memory.

April 11

In events consoles, you can now pin columns to the right or left side of the table.

April 6

Events consoles now include fields from the Incident Management Integration Service in details panels, if Collection Zones in your environment include the ZenPack.

March 28

The Graph tile now better supports metrics from streaming sources with data point values that always increase. Previously, the values could only be shown as increasing; now, you can choose to align the data points by rate or delta.

March 23

The new credentials service is now generally available! The credentials service provides secure, centralized storage for the credentials that are required to integrate with external services. You enter credentials once and then reuse them as often as you wish when you configure connectors or destinations.

The rollout of this new service includes an automatic migration. All existing connectors and destinations that use credentials are updated to use the credentials service. The names of migrated credentials start with Autogenerated and are tagged autogenerated. You can easily identify them and change the names (and remove tags) at any time.

Finally, you can now export both dashboards and individual tiles to PDF files.

March 9

The new Kubernetes connector is now generally available! The connector supports clusters on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as self-hosted clusters.

March 2

Map tiles now includes zoom controls, which make it easier for trackpad users to view Locations on larger maps.

The column controls on events consoles now include options for automatically sizing a column.

February 28

Restriction filters no longer cause performance degradation on Smart View pages.

February 23

You can now configure the Stoplight tile to display a simple message and color (the default visualization) or a gauge, which includes the current metric value or aggregated value.

February 9

  • A new Zenoss Cloud Collector virtual appliance is available for IBM Cloud environments.

  • Each row of the events console table now includes event management tools, both on a new vertical ellipsis () menu and on event details panels.

  • On the ADMIN > Actions page, the Tags field of the ADD TRIGGER dialog is now adjacent to the other general information fields.

  • Dashboard templates that included the deprecated Event Count or Event List tiles are updated to use the Event List + Count tile instead.

January 31

The Event Count and Event List tiles are deprecated. The Event List + Count tile provides equivalent or superior functionality. For more information, refer to the deprecation notice.

The user setting for the Events beta infrastructure is no longer relevant and is removed in this update.

January 26

The default dictionary entries supplied by Zenoss now include tags that identify the source of an event field or metric.

January 19

Inventory view results pages now include a control that displays or hides the query bar. The new default is to hide the query bar.

January 5

The Graph tile now includes an option to interpolate all data points in bar area and area charts. This option is useful when data points are not aggregated, use the same units, and have common timestamps.