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Set dashboard scope

You can choose current or historical scope for a dashboard. For more information, see Dashboard scope.

  1. Display a dashboard that you own.

  2. Click the scope control.

  3. Click Current scope or Historical scope.

  4. To close the scope control, click outside the control.

Filter the dashboard scope

You can further refine the scope of your dashboard using the scope filter. For example, you might have a dashboard monitoring 10,000 devices, and you receive an error on device "X". To temporarily reduce the scope of your dashboard, open the scope filter bar and build a query, such as "name contains X". The scope is temporary and won't be saved to the dashboard, but it can help you in your investigation.

Click the Expand scope filter bar to open a query builder, then specify the criteria of the entities you want to view. As you enter text, the scope filter bar suggests options for each part of the query, including property names, operators, values, and connectors. If needed, use the autocomplete dropdowns to change a part of the query.

  1. Display a dashboard that you own.

  2. Click Expand scope filter bar to open a query builder.

  3. Select a property. Enter text and select a field in the dropdown menu.

  4. Select an operator in the dropdown menu, then enter a value.

  5. Optionally, build a more targeted query. Choose between AND and OR to join another property-value comparison.

  6. Click the search button (magnifying glass icon) to search for entities that match your criteria. The dashboard displays data matching the filtered scope.

  7. When you're finished viewing the refined dashboard, click the X icon in the query bar to clear the scope.

  8. Click the scope filter button again to collapse the query bar.


    When you collapse the scope filter, you hide the query bar. However, any applied filters remain active until you clear the query bar by clicking the X icon. Alternatively, you can navigate away from the dashboard to clear its scope filters.

This view is temporary and can't be saved or shared.