How to export dashboard data

You can export an entire dashboard or individual tiles to a file or collection of files. The export includes all the data displayed during the current time range and the settings that created the display. Typically, an export does not include all the data collected during the current time range, just the summarizations of the collected data that are displayed in the dashboard or tile. For example, Graph tiles automatically align data points when the amount of space for display and the time range to represent are variable.

Export entire dashboard

You can export a dashboard as a collection of CSV or JSON files bundled in a ZIP archive.

In the dashboard header, click the export control, and then click CSV or JSON.

The dashboard itself and the tiles that support data export are exported as separate files.

Export individual tile

You can export data from any tile to a CSV or JSON file:

Follow these steps:

  1. In the tile header, click the vertical ellipsis ().

  2. On the menu, click Export, and then click CSV or JSON.