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System preferences

You can configure system defaults from the ADMIN > System preferences page. Your account must have the Manager role to view the page.

The default theme is dark mode (light text on dark background), which you can change to light mode (dark text on light background). Users can override this configuration, if desired.
The default homepage displays various links and a search window. You can choose any shared dashboard page instead, and users can override this setting with any personal or shared dashboard, if desired.

In the default configuration, Zenoss Cloud displays the Zenoss logo in both the upper-left corner and the lower-right corner of the page. You can replace the logo in the upper-left corner with your own logo, and you can specify separate files for dark mode and light mode.

Use any image format for your replacement. The minimum size is 130 x 36 pixels (width x height). Larger sizes are constrained to the minimum size.

You can replace the default Zenoss favicon with your own. A size of 16 x 16 pixels is recommended.
Login message
You can create a message that users must acknowledge before completing their login to Zenoss Cloud. The message can include any plain text content.