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How to create a new dashboard

Use this procedure to create a new dashboard.


For assistance creating a new dashboard, check out the dashboard tutorials!

  1. Click the DASHBOARDS tab.

  2. Click the panel toggle.


  4. (Optional) In the name field, replace My Dashboard with a descriptive name for the dashboard.

  5. (Optional) To specify a scope for the dashboard, click ADD ENTITIES.


    When no scope is specified, tiles can be sized and placed but not fully configured.

    You can combine entities from Collection Zones and from streaming data sources in a scope.

    • To add entities from a Collection Zone, see Specifying Collection Zone entities.

    • To add streaming data sources, enter the name of the source in the Other sources field, and then click the match.

  6. Click the add tile control or ADD A TILE.

  7. From the AVAILABLE TILES palette, click a tile to add it to the dashboard.

    When you add a tile, the AVAILABLE TILES palette becomes the TILE CONFIGURATION dialog box. For more information about configuring individual tiles, see the following pages:


    For optimal performance, Zenoss recommends limiting dashboards to 4-6 tiles per page and 2 pages per dashboard.

  8. Click SAVE.

Specifying Collection Zone entities

You can filter the entities to include in a scope by organizer, entity type, and name.

  1. In the Define Dashboard Scope area, click ADD ENTITIES.

  2. In the list of Collection Zones, click the name of a Collection Zone.

    Most organizations have just one, Cz0.

    1. (Optional) To filter by organizer, click in the Organizers field, and then navigate into the organizer hierarchy.

      You can select multiple organizers and join them with ANY (logical AND) or ALL (logical OR).

    2. (Optional) To filter by entity type, enter an entity type name in the Types field.

      You can select multiple types and join them with ANY (logical AND) or ALL (logical OR).


      Zenoss recommends using entity types in scopes for Collection Zones. Take time to review the available entity types and to understand how they are used in Collection Zones. For more information, see the list of entity types.

    3. (Optional) To filter by entity name, enter the name or the first part of the entity name in the Name field.

  3. Click the check mark icon immediately below the ADD ENTITIES button.