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Threshold Summary

Provides information about the devices that are approaching or exceeding their thresholds.

Report filtering

Start Date / End Date
The first and last dates of the range of dates to include in the report. To select a date from a calendar, click select. The default range is the week ending with the current date.
Event Class
The device class to use for filtering. The default is /Perf.

To generate or refresh the report, click Generate.

Note: If you export the report by clicking Export all, be sure to format the percentage columns to show percentages instead of decimal values.

Report contents

Column Content
Device Name of the device based on the filter parameters selected.
Component Network interface component name, if applicable.
Event Class Event class that had a threshold breach.
Count Number of times a threshold was breached.
Duration Amount of time that a threshold was breached.
% Percentage of time that the threshold was breached for the report's time period.