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2022 updates

The visible and not-so-visible parts of Zenoss Cloud are updated regularly; this page highlights the visible new features or enhancements released in 2022.

January 18

This update includes the following Collection Zone enhancements and fixes, which will be rolled out during the first quarter of this year, starting today:

  • The Kubernetes ZenPack is updated to collect StatefulSet data and you can now specify the containers and pods to monitor by name. Also, clusters with the same application in different namespaces no longer have pod or container name conflicts.
  • Service Impact is updated to improve performance in large environments and to ensure that related events are displayed for Dynamic Service Availability events. Also, changes to Service Impact organizers are now properly reflected on Smart View pages.
  • Event filter settings now persist after navigating to other devices.
  • The zenmail service now handles addresses that include non-standard characters.
  • Stored and reflected XSS vulnerabilities are mitigated.
  • Timezone localization now handles daylight savings time and no longer affects maintenance windows.

There are no Zenoss Cloud changes in this update.

January 13

This update includes a new anomaly detection service based on an advanced neural network algorithm. The service uses more historical data and trains more frequently, so the results are more accurate, more precise, and more up-to-date (near real-time). Also, you can customize the metrics that the service models. The following features take advantage of the enhanced results:

  • The Anomalies tile automatically highlights anomalous entities.
  • Smart View pages display anomalous metrics on both the primary entity and related entities.
  • The action service now supports anomaly triggers.

In addition, the action service now supports three new destination types:

  • ServiceNow IT Operations Management
  • Microsoft Teams channels
  • PagerDuty (Alert Events)

For more information, see the add destination procedure.

Finally, Single Metric and MultiMetric tiles, which were deprecated in September 2020, are now retired. Existing Single Metric tiles are removed from dashboards containing them and MultiMetric tiles are migrated to Graph tiles.

There are no Collection Zone changes in this update.