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2023 updates

Collection Zones are updated regularly; this page highlights the visible changes included in updates released in 2023.


At each update, databases, infrastructure services, or shared libraries are upgraded as required to improve stability and performance or eliminate vulnerabilities. Here is the current list of shared libraries available for use in ZenPacks.


In this update, Service Impact is refactored to use the latest version of its enabling database technology, which yields 3x to 7x performance improvements. The logging package that Service Impact uses is also updated, which eliminates a known vulnerability.

Timezone handling is updated to honor regions that do not observe daylight savings time.

The following ZenPacks are included in this update:

Your Collection Zones will be updated sometime in the next few months, starting this month.


This update transitions all Collection Zone instances to a new SMTP service. The From address of all emails are now either or To prevent event storms, each recipient is limited to 1000 emails during the most recent 24-hour period. If the limit is reached, the recipient receives a notification email of the condition, and no additional emails are sent until the count falls below the limit.


This update fixes an issue that, under rare conditions, causes segmentation faults in our container orchestration software. Your Collection Zones will be updated during the first quarter of this year, starting this month.