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Availability monitoring

The availability monitoring system provides active testing of the IT infrastructure, including:

  • Devices
  • Network
  • Processes
  • Services

Availability monitoring is facilitated by:

  • Zenping - The system's Layer-3 aware, topology-monitoring service. Zenping performs high-performance, asynchronous testing of ICMP status. The most important element of this service is that your Collection Zone has built a complete model of your routing system. If there are gaps in the routing model, the power of Zenping's topology monitoring will not be available.

    Zenping uses Nmap to build a ping tree and perform Layer 3 suppression. By default, zenping pings devices every minute and performs a traceroute every five minutes.

  • Zenstatus - Performs active TCP connection testing of remote daemons.

Using the predefined /Ping device class

The /Ping device class is a configuration for devices that you want to monitor only for availability. The system does not gather performance data for devices placed in this class. You can use the /Ping device class as a reference for your own configuration. If you have a device that you want to monitor solely for availability, you can place it under this class.