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Add a destination

Use this procedure to create a new destination. You must have the Manager role to create a destination.

  1. Open the ADMIN > Actions page, and then click the DESTINATIONS tab.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click ADD DESTINATION.

  3. In the ADD DESTINATION dialog, select a destination type.

    The ADD DESTINATION dialog updates with basic fields for all destinations and unique fields for the destination type you selected.

  4. Specify basic destination fields.

    Field Required? Description
    Destination name Yes

    A unique, short identifier for the destination.

    The name of a destination cannot be changed after the ADD DESTINATION dialog is saved.

    Destination description No Text to describe the destination.
    Destination type Yes

    The type to create.

    Tags No A list of arbitrary terms to associate with the destination.

  5. Specify unique destination fields.

  6. (Optional) To test the destination, click TEST.

    Zenoss Cloud sends a test message to the new destination, but does not save it (next step).

  7. Click SAVE.