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Time range controls

You can change the time range of a dashboard at any time with the time range controls. Use the time range button to display the controls and change the time range. When you change the time range, Zenoss Cloud updates all the data on the page.

The following image shows a dashboard header area with the time range controls in view. By default, the time range controls are not in view.

The label of the time range button displays a summary of the current time range and toggles the time range controls into and out of view.

  • The quick-pick controls set the time range relative to the current time.
  • The time range slider moves the range backwards and forwards through the past. The handles on the ends of the slider change the range itself.
  • The calendar controls are useful for specifying a time range more than 30 days in the past.

The time range controls work the same way throughout Zenoss Cloud.