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Managing background tasks

The job service runs tasks in the background, such as discovering a network or adding a device. When you start one of these tasks, the job service adds a job to its queue.

Some jobs run in the foreground automatically. When a job runs in the foreground, do not navigate away from the page until the job completes.

Viewing and managing jobs

In Collection Zone, navigate to ADVANCED > JOBS.

The jobs list, in the top portion of the page, displays individual jobs, with the following information about each:

  • Status — The state of a job. Jobs with the Retry status have been placed back on the queue (with a delay) for another run.
  • Description — A description of a job.
  • Scheduled — The scheduled start time of a job.
  • Started — The time when a job starts.
  • Finished — The time when a job ends.
  • Created By — The user account name associated with a job.

The lower panel, which is hidden by default, displays a job's log file. To display a log, select a job in the list.

The buttons above the job list are used to manage individual jobs:

  • To stop a job, select it, and then click Abort.
  • To remove a job, select it, and then click Delete.