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Office 365 connector card

The action service sends an Office 365 connector card to the Microsoft Teams chat you specify in Microsoft Teams destinations. The following table shows the name-value pairs (facts) in a card. All of the values are message templates.

Name Value
Rule Name {{{}}}
Rule Description {{{rule.description}}}
Rule Message {{{rule.message}}}
Trigger Name {{{}}}
Trigger Description {{{trigger.description}}}
Destination Name {{{}}}
Destination Description {{{destination.description}}}
Event Summary {{{event.summary}}}
Event Severity {{{event.severity}}}
Event Status {{{event.status}}}
Event Acknowledged {{{event.acknowledged}}}
Metric Name {{{}}}
Metric Value {{{metric.value}}}
Threshold Type {{{trigger.threshold_type}}}
Threshold Query {{{trigger.query}}}