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Gain access to Zenoss Cloud

To gain access to Zenoss Cloud, you need a supported browser, a login account, and the correct URL.

Supported browsers

Zenoss Cloud supports the current release of the following browsers:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox


  • In Chrome, plugins that support tiny, cross-origin content can cause authentication to stall. To avoid stalls, disable non-standard plugins.
  • In Firefox, Smart View scroll bars do not match the scroll bars in Chrome or Edge.
  • Apple iOS and iPadOS are not supported.

Log in to Zenoss Cloud

The following prerequisites are required to log in:

  • If you are not using the native identity management features of Zenoss Cloud, the identity service your organization uses must be configured to work with the Zenoss Cloud authentication service.
  • You must use a supported web browser.

Follow these steps:

  1. In a browser window, navigate to your organization's Zenoss Cloud URL.

    Typically, the URL is https://<organization>.zenoss.(io|eu).

  2. Enter your email address, and then click Continue.

  3. (Optional) Enter your password, and then click Continue.

    If your organization has configured single sign-on, this step may not be required or you may be redirected to a separate identity provider login page.

Zenoss Cloud homepage

The default Zenoss Cloud homepage features the header area, entity search bar, and Collection Zone controls. The header area is visible on all the tabs; however, the tabs you see depend on the roles you are assigned.


Your administrator may have set an alternate homepage for your organization. You can override the setting and use any Zenoss Cloud page as your personal homepage.