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Filesystem Util Report

Shows mount point, total bytes, used bytes, free bytes, and percentage of utilization for each device. You can customize start and end dates and summary type.

Report filtering

Root Organizer
The device class to use for filtering. The default is /Devices.
Device Filter
Enter the name of the device to filter by.
Start Date / End Date
The first and last dates of the range of dates to include in the report. To select a date from a calendar, click select. The default range is the week ending with the current date.
Summary Type
Possible values include: Average, Maximum, Minimum, and Last.

To generate or refresh the report, click Generate.

Note: If you export the report by clicking Export all, be sure to format the percentage columns to show percentages instead of decimal values.

This report uses data point aliases. To add datapoints to a report, add the alias, and then ensure the values return in the expected units.

Alias Expected Units
usedFilesystemSpace__bytes bytes

Report contents

Column Content
Device Name of the device based on the filter parameters selected.
Mount File systems mount point. Click the link to be taken directly to the device's components page.
Total bytes Amount of total bytes
Used bytes Amount of used bytes
Free bytes Amount of free bytes
% Util Percent utilization