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Stoplight tile

The Stoplight tile provides a summary of the status of one metric or of one entity and one metric. Like the Metric Outliers tile, this tile uses thresholds to determine the status. You choose the metric to observe and the colors to associate with each threshold.

You can configure the tile to display a simple message and color (the default visualization) or a gauge, which includes the current metric value or aggregated value.

Example tiles

Tile configuration options

Tile title
The text that appears in the upper-left corner of a tile.
Toggle controls to select a visualization, default or gauge.
Entity and metric
The search field for finding entity and metric names in the dashboard's scope. If a search term matches both entities and metrics, both are shown, in separate lists.
Target Percent
The percentage of time (the dashboard's current time range) a metric's data points must meet the defined threshold or thresholds.
(Optional; only present when the gauge visualization is chosen) The minimum and maximum values of the gauge, in the unit type of the metric you specify. The default values are 0 and 100.
The arithmetic function to use to combine metric data points for threshold evaluation.

One or more boundary criteria and color choices for representing status, specified with the following fields:

Comparison The comparison operator for the threshold evaluation.
Boundary value The data point value to use in the comparison.

Descriptive text for the threshold, used in the center of the tile.

Color The color to use in the tile background when a threshold is satisfied.

Understanding threshold evaluation

Thresholds are evaluated in the order in which they appear in the tile configuration dialog box, and evaluation stops when a threshold's criteria are satisfied.

For example, consider an aggregated data point value of 85 and the following threshold range configuration:

The first two thresholds are not satisfied, but the third threshold is satisfied, so in the default visualization, the tile label is HEALTHY and the background color is green.

When no data is available for the current time range, the tile label is NO DATA and the background color is grey.