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About production states

Production state is the operational status of an entity in the monitored environment. For example, it tracks whether an entity is fully operational (“Production”) or if it is currently in maintenance (“Maintenance”). Zenoss uses the production state of an entity to determine whether the entity is monitored or not. For Collection Zone (CZ) data, Zenoss uses production state to determine if it should collect data from the monitored entity.

Production states can help you control certain events, such as whether an event produces an alert. You can also set up custom production states to track the lifecycle of an entity: from staging to production to maintenance and finally to decommissioning.

While most production states are monitored and therefore send data to Zenoss, you can use production states to determine how to interpret the monitored data. For example, you can set up alerts for an entity in production, but ignore alerts from an entity in "test" or “maintenance.” You can even turn off alerts entirely for a device in “extended maintenance” while still monitoring it.

Production states in Zenoss

Production states are set when data is ingested for an entity. In Cloud, data typically comes from devices in the Collection Zone or from data streams. When entity data is ingested from a CZ source, the existing CZ production state is mapped to a Cloud production state.

Zenoss provides a standard set of production states that you can customize as needed for your organization. You must register custom production states with Zenoss Cloud before using them, unless you are using them for CZ hosted data sources. In this case, Zenoss Cloud automatically maps the CZ production state, so no separate registration is required.

When you add a new entity to the system, its default state is Production. If needed, you can customize the default production state to be something else in your environment. Keep in mind that changes made to the production states for entities in Inventory don't change the assigned production state of the entity in Collection Zones (CZ). For more information, see Production states in CZ.

Production states in Zenoss include the following list, but you can add custom states to meet your specific needs. By default, the Maintenance production state and higher are monitored. You can customize these states as needed.

Production state (Cloud) Production state IDs Notes
Production 1000 Monitored. This is the Zenoss default state for new entities.
Pre-Production 500 Monitored
Test 400 Monitored
Maintenance 300 Monitored
Decommissioned -1 Not monitored. This state is typically reserved for those entities that are no longer a part of your system.

Updating production states

In Zenoss Cloud, you can add or edit the production state for one or more entities in Inventory. For example, you can update a production state of Maintenance to Production using the Update production state option. Keep in mind that when you update a production states for an entity in Inventory, it doesn’t impact the assigned production state of the entity in Collection Zones (CZ).

To learn how to update production states in Inventory, see Update production state.