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HTTP Monitor

The following properties may or must be specified in the datasource configuration file to monitor HTTP servers. Zenoss Collector attempts to monitor HTTP devices every 300 seconds (5 minutes) and sends events to the /Status/HTTP event class.

Property Default Description
zSnmpMonitorIgnore true for /HTTP device class Ignore SNMP?
zHttpMonitorDataSourceSettings enabled: false A list of settings for this device (see next section)

Settings options

Setting Default Description
enabled false Enable HTTP monitoring through Zenoss Collector?
timeout 60 The number of seconds before the connection times out
component (none) A unique string to differentiate events from this datasource
hostname (the value of the device ID field) The FQDN of the site to monitor
ipAddress (the value of the manageIp field) The IP address of the site to monitor
port 80 The port on which the HTTP server to monitor is listening
useSsl false Encrypt communications with the HTTP server?
url / The URL of the page to monitor
basicAuthUser (none) Account username (if site requires credentials)
basicAuthPass (none) Account password (if site requires credentials)
onRedirect follow Behavior when the monitored site returns an HTTP redirect (see Redirect options)
proxyAuthUser (none) Account username for proxy server, if any (none if anonymous)
proxyAuthPassword (none) Account password for proxy server, if any (none if anonymous)
regex (none) A Python regular expression for checking web page content
caseSensitive false Is the regular expression case-sensitive?
invert false Does the page not contain content that matches the regular expression?

Redirect options

Option Description
ok Do not follow redirects, return a positive response
fail Do not follow redirects, return a negative response
follow Follow redirects
stickyhost Use original hostname (or IP address) on redirects
stickyhostport Use original hostname and port on redirects

  title: My Status Page
  device_class: /HTTP
    zHttpMonitorDataSourceSettings: "|
      enabled: true
      timeout: 15
      port: 443
      useSsl: true
      url: ''
      onRedirect: 'fail'
      regex: 'down'"